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Yeah.. everyone is duing it and i kinda need a something new on my journal, because it got raped by my friend.. i didnt even realise it before today xD haha. Im such a slowpoke.

The Rulesssh.
1. You must post these rules.
2. Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3. You have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons on the same journal. (nope, i wont)
4. Go to their pages and tell them you tagged them. (no thank you, i dont think so)
5. No tag backs.

1: When i get nervous, i say wierd and disturping things in front of people.. its always nice things, like they smell good or got a pretty nose... but its kinda emberresing..

2: i prefere being naked. Clothes dont suit me.

3: i walk around just in my undies in front of strangers... all the friggin time.. ^^'' i just dont care.

4: My middle name means 'Lucky' but i think im cursed. Crazy ass stuff is always happening to me.. like when i took the wrong bus, had to walk home and almost tripped in a roadkill.
5: I am a dog person

6: Im allergic to nuts and bees

7: I hate being alone. i easy get scared, and lonely, and im such a crybaby

8: When im angry, i blow my cheeks up, like a blowfish.

9: my nickname is Panda, i look like a turtle, my zodiac is 'fish' and my chinese zodiac is monkey. Im a friggin' walking zoo <3

10: i LOVE people!! so dont be afraid to write me a note ^^ i love to chat!!
  • Listening to: Roommates weirdo music
  • Watching: My awesome swag reflection on the screen lol
  • Eating: I'm currently started upon fasting
  • Drinking: Mah sexy saliva
I love you my Panda-poo ~~
  • Listening to: Roommates weirdo music
  • Watching: My awesome swag reflection on the screen lol
  • Eating: I'm currently started upon fasting
  • Drinking: Mah sexy saliva
hey there, people who are watching me.. thanks <3 im really, really glad that some of you look at my work, and all the comments really makes me warm inside <3 thanks a lot dear people.

i know i dont upload much, and that i so far only have pictures in my gallery, when im more brave, ill try to upload some of my artwork, because in the end, Im not a cosplayer, im an artist ^^'' i have only cosplayed for real in one year, and i suck at sewing and crafting, but ill try to improve my skills. I have drawn since i was 4, and made my first historys and chars when i was 6. But im not that good, and by seeing all the other uploads and drawing in here, something in my stomach makes me feel guilt. x,x something like ''Who do you think you are? spamming this site with your crap? look at the others, they are SO much better than you!'' and then i stop wanting to upload. I have always been afraid to show my work online, because i dont want to spam with my bad drawings, or my bad, bad english.

but i will try to be brave ^^ soon, i will buy a scanner, and try to upload something small.. ~ i promise to do my best, and dont be such a whiney little DA'er ^__^

Hugs to everyone who cared to read this.
  • Listening to: My boyfriend playing a wargame
  • Watching: my screen? duh? &lt;3
  • Eating: cornflakes with LOTS of sugar
  • Drinking: milk?
Hey everyone.

I know i have been lazy, and not updated in a loooong time. But i feel kinda crative at the moment and i really want to try again, Maybe be a bit active or something *blah*

I'll really try ^^' hopefully i will have some pictures next week.
  • Listening to: My teacher..
  • Watching: My teachers butt
  • Playing: Robot Unicorn attack,
hi there sweet ones.

My name is Pernille, but most af my friends call me Panda (dont ask why, long and booooring story) this is my first DA. and the first time i have to write english all the time, so please be nice, its not my mother-language so its not perfekt (acually i suck at it)

I really like drawing, but i dont have a scanner right now so i cant show you my stuff yet.

i like cosplaying, and i really really love taking pictures and modelling so right now its all you will find in my galleri

say hallo to me ~ peace
  • Reading: my english book.. (im in the class)
  • Watching: my friend eating MY food....
  • Playing: Pokemon soulsilver!!!
  • Eating: Pizza slice from 'eiffel'
  • Drinking: water.......